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georgia power plan scherer

Georgia Power Plant Scherer

Georgia, USA

Completed 2018

georgia power plan scherer

The control systems upgrade commenced with the removal of all Allen Bradley wiring and disconnecting the main power supply, ensuring safe conditions for the Foxboro System installation. This advanced system, recognized for its reliability and efficiency, was then rigorously tested to validate wiring integrity and performance. This essential phase confirmed the system's operation at peak standards, enhancing safety and performance. The upgrade significantly boosted the control system's functionality and future tech adaptability.

Scope of Work

• Updated Electrical Drawings

• Demolition and disconnection of main power supply

• Installation of new wiring and I&C components


During the project, comprehensive site walk-throughs were conducted to assess and document all relevant findings, ensuring a thorough understanding of the existing conditions and requirements. To facilitate effective collaboration and oversight, one member of the SG team was designated to work closely with the onsite Engineering team on a daily basis. This close partnership allowed for real-time problem-solving and coordination. Additionally, updated electrical systems were meticulously mapped out, and redline drawings were provided. These drawings served as crucial documentation, highlighting modifications and enhancements made to the electrical infrastructure, thereby ensuring accuracy and facilitating future maintenance and upgrades.


georgia power plan scherer
Georgia Power
Plant Scherer
Juliette, Georgia, USA


Electrical Systems Upgrade

Primary Service



1 Lead
7 Journeyman


Project Profile

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