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illuminated nuclear power plant facilities

Local Presence,

Global Reach

SG Energy Solutions has offices near you and teams ready to travel abroad as needed.

Our Mission


How It All Started

SG Energy Solutions began its journey with a straightforward yet profound question, "How can we help?" The pursuit of an answer to this inquiry paved the way for our pioneering venture - the installation of our first Turbine Cardiogram (TKG™) in Malmo, Sweden in 2000. This project marked the beginning of our commitment to creating innovative solutions to meet the demands of the energy industry.


Since that initial endeavor, SG Energy Solutions has evolved into a trusted ally in the field of energy and power. We have successfully taken on and accomplished intricate, large-scale projects spanning across the United States and beyond. Our prowess is not limited by geographical boundaries or the complexity of the task at hand - we have proven our mettle time and again by delivering results regardless of the location or scale involved.