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hermiston power generator

Hermiston Generating Plant

Oregon, USA

Completed 2020

hermiston power generator
Hermiston Generating Plant
Portland, Oregon, USA


Electrical Services
Turbine Upgrades

Primary Service



1 Lead


Project Profile

hermiston power generator

Electrical upgrade installation services for Gas & Steam Turbines


• Removal of all instrumentation required to support diffuser changeout.
• All bearing instrumentation (vibration, thermocouples, etc.)
• All bearing fire detection instrumentation and electrical
• Exhaust thermocouples
• Third Stage wheel space thermocouples routed through the bearing tunnel
• De-terminate Unit 1 Gas & Steam Turbines Main and Neutral Leads

• Preparation for Unit 1 Gas Turbine Generator Major

Scope of Work

Working in multiple confines spaces with the mechanical team with a very tight job completion schedule for gas turbine.


SG Energy was delegated the task of assisting with the mechanical aspects to ensure the project remained on track. Additionally, authorization was secured from the client to commence pre-installation tasks on the steam turbine's exterior while it was in operation, including running conduit and mounting panels.


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