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La Paloma generating plant

La Paloma Generating

California, USA

Completed 2020

La Paloma generating plant
La Paloma Generating Co
McKittrick, California, USA


Electrical Upgrades

Primary Service



SGES Electrical Techs


Project Profile

La Paloma generating plant

Services to be performed on four GT24 (Alstom) Gas Turbines


• Install new conduit runs, low/high voltage wiring, control boxes, and junction boxes

• Install new system devices

• Installation and electrical connection of the junction boxes
• Connect electric system to main power feed panel and control room 

• Validate the respective devices are operating per the design system specifications

Scope of Work

The low part load upgrade at LaPaloma was the 2nd upgrade in North America. Therefore, project knowledge for this upgrade was minimal. Learning the entire system with minimal training on the system as well as learning the mechanical side system was undertaken by SG Energy team members in preparation.


Before mobilizing to the site, we conducted on-site training sessions for both the electrical and millwright teams, dedicating two hours each day to ensure they were fully prepared. Additionally, daily training sessions were held on-site before the commencement of work each day. To support this comprehensive training program, we supplied a variety of training materials, including videos, pictures, and meticulously red-lined electrical drawings. This approach ensured that all team members were well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills for the job ahead.


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