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Derron Sanders Named a 2023 Crain’s Detroit Business Notable Leader in Energy

Derron Sanders, CEO of SG Energy Solutions
Derron Sanders, CEO of SG Energy Solutions

This prestigious recognition highlights his exceptional contributions to the energy sector and serves as a testament to our entire team here at SG Energy Solutions! Every single one of our hardworking team members is dedicated to our mission of creating a greener and brighter future.

Empowering Change and Transforming the Energy Landscape:

As the founder and CEO of SG Energy Solutions, Derron Sanders has been instrumental in leading our team of talented professionals to new heights of success. With a passion for environmental sustainability and a commitment to innovation, Sanders has spearheaded transformative projects that have brought positive change to the energy industry. Under his guidance, our company has worked with some of the largest energy and utility companies across the globe, driving initiatives that promote clean energy, energy efficiency, and eco-friendly solutions.

A Global Impact:

Through our work with energy companies, SG Energy Solutions, under Sanders’ leadership, has extended its reach to 6 continents and over 35 countries. This global impact showcases not only our company’s expertise but also our commitment to creating sustainable solutions for a diverse range of clients. Additionally, in connection with International Samaritan (, Derron has a passion for serving in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities around the globe.

Leadership that Inspires:

One of the hallmarks of Derron Sanders’ leadership is the creation of a work environment where every team member feels valued and appreciated. His inclusive leadership style fosters a culture of collaboration, innovation, and excellence, motivating our talented workforce to work diligently towards achieving the company’s goals. This recognition as a Notable Leader in Energy is a reflection of the dedication and hard work of each member of the SG family of companies.

Beyond the Office:

Sanders’ passion for creating positive change extends beyond the business realm. He serves on various esteemed boards, including at First Independence Bank and the Detroit Regional Chamber. Additionally, he is a valued member of the Alma College Board of Trustees, further exemplifying his commitment to community and education.

Breaking Barriers:

In a historic moment for both SG Energy Solutions and the Detroit Athletic Club, Sanders will become the first African American president of the Detroit Athletic Club in 2024. This groundbreaking achievement stands as a testament to his leadership, vision, and dedication to breaking barriers and shattering ceilings.

As we celebrate this momentous recognition of Derron Sanders as a 2023 Crain’s Detroit Business Notable Leader in Energy, we are filled with immense pride and excitement for the future. Sanders’ leadership and commitment to sustainability continue to guide SG Energy Solutions towards even greater heights. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to him and remain inspired by his relentless pursuit of a brighter and greener energy landscape. Together, with our dedicated team, clients, and partners, we look forward to driving positive change and shaping a sustainable future for generations to come.

About SG Energy Solutions:

SG Energy Solutions is a leading player in the energy industry, dedicated to providing innovative solutions for a sustainable and greener future. With a global presence and a team of dedicated professionals, we work tirelessly to drive progress and inspire change in the energy landscape. Our commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility fuels our vision to create a world powered by clean energy and sustainable practices.

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